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Thank you for taking time to visit us here at our website. Forever-Jack is a web site aimed at serving, retired, semi-retired Matelots, WRNS and Marines or those still hanging around dockyards but are just too frail to climb the gangway. We specialise in bespoke navy memorabilia and clothing all of which is designed right here in JACK HQ. We are adding new lines each week so be sure to come back and check us out. Don't forget to press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the pages.


We have now managed to complete the construction and creation process for these name plates and they are available for any name to be added in 3d Chrome effect lettering. Hand made by our own staff here at JACK HQ1 so there’s nothing we can’t put onto your name plate. Up spirits, ships name, room name, your name just let us know when ordering.......



You can now have your very own tailor made hatch. Turn any door into a pussers interior hatch with this canvass hatch cover. Taken from an actual hatch onboard HMS PLYMOUTH this waterproof and weatherproof cover can be made to fit any size door. The standard size that we have is approx 170cmx75cm but we can make other sizes on request.

Some of our clients include Army & RM detachments in Afghanistan, RN unit in Camp Bastion, Sea Cadet Corps, Whitehall, Potting sheds and bedrooms around the globe.

If you require sizes other than that mentioned please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

order the door cover hereDOORcover.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

We have now introduced a range of shirts bearing the profiles of some of the ships of the fleet including Type21,42, LPD, Type22, Type12, Carriers and many more.

We will be adding to this range as the images become available from our newly appointed art and design technician ‘ANDY’

If you have a ship type that you want represented then let us know via our contact centre and we will explore the possibility of having it embroidered.

Each ship can be embroidered onto any of our garments.

we add ships each week so keep checking to see if yours is there.

Visit the page HEREShipsprofiles.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0

CAR STICKERS- We have now got a supply of car stickers available that includes the white ensign and our very own proud to serve range.

Visit the Stickers Here

Forever-jack has yet again created an new and exciting line with the introduction of these fantastic RN style dress ties bearing the trade badges or unit crests.

100% polyester with the badge digitally added to the tie at either the centre chest area or at the foot of the tie these ties not only let the world know that your a naval veteran or serving officer, but they also show off your branch or unit.



We have been asked to introduce this new line of pilot shirts. There are two types, with breast pockets or without. Have your badge or unit name embroidered onto this shirt and you can also add free personalisation under the crest if you wish

65%polyester and 35% cotton

order from Here>>

HERE HE IS - RUMRAT the official polo shirt  & unique to us here at forever-jack. Originally drawn by our illustrator Tez RUMRAT has been given a new scuttle to hang out of and toast the tot. Embroidered onto your garment and personalised with your ship or name above the badge. Also available on other garments.

We have now teamed up with Julia Pankhurst of Pankhurst Gallery Portsmouth. Julia has a small gallery just outside the main gates of Portsmouth Dockyard where her work can be seen and purchased. Julia has asked that we promote and sell some of her works here on our website.

visit the online gallery here>>>

We have been contacted by Samantha Vaughan who is the creator of these fantastic count down plaques. We all had a ‘days to go’ or ROMFT chart and Sam has come up with these wonderful little gizzits for the kids to count down until their loved ones get home. Available direct from Sam on her own little page on our site and all made to order

....visit her page here


Many of our customers and client ask for extra designs to be added to their garments. We have everything from mice to skulls in our collection and for an addition small fee we can added designs to your product too. Why not check out our gallery and see if there is anything that you might like adding to your order.

<<Enter the gallery here>>Badges.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0

We have been approached by Gillian who has some very unique and colourful images of warships. We are producing an area within our site for her work but while we’re doing that why not visit her website

visit the gallery here>>>>

Welcoming in the new year with our latest line in smart tablet covers. Many of our customers will have received an iPad, Kindle, Samsung tab, or other tablet for christmas and what better way to protect your tablet that with one of our PU leather executive tablet covers featuring smart on off technology. Digitally printed with any of our designs or you can add your own.


Mouse mats are back in stock; have any design or image added to your mouse mat. If you have your own design please email us the details.    Enter the mat area now>>>

NEW RED REMEMBRANCE Hip Flask- We are now able to supply this special edition remembrance day hip flask. Red power coated stainless steel hip flask with our design laser etched into the coating.

Visit the engraving section Here

It wasn’t only the ships in which we served that we held close to our hearts but also the pubs and clubs of the world. Great institutions where we all learned the ways of life, spinning dits and trapping whatever we could. Now you can start collecting the pub signs of all your favourite watering holes right here from forever jack

Go on an pub crawl here>>>>

THEY’RE HERE - The all new forever-jack pint pot printed with the design of your choice. 16oz glass pot for your favourite ale. Personalised with any design and no minimum order.     
Order yours now <Here>beer.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
Customer services desk is open from

10am (BST) - 6pm
for ordering or enquiries
An area just for youjenny.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0

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We now have a brand new range of products just waiting to be engraved, laser etched or sandblasted.

visit the engraving area here>>

Get help and contact detailscustomercare.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0

GET READY FOR THE WINTER with our brand new line; this fleece lined waterproof jacket from Regatta will keep the cold and wind away. OUT NOW!

Order them here>>>

Why not check out our new CARTOON CHARACTER Mugs- Unique to us here at forever-jack these mugs will soon become collectors items. There are currently 20 characters from our ships company with more on the way. Hand drawn by our man “tez’ these characters are set to be the best ships company in the fleet.

Our new digital printing process allows for us to print these characters in full colour to any of our newly developed one colour satin mugs. The mugs are dishwasher safe once printed and are shipped to you in an almost indestructible box to prevent damage.

normal mugs mug gallery here>>>   Visit the ships company mug gallery here>>>

Webbing belts

brass buckled webbing belts with a selection of badges on the buckle can be found  HERE>>


Our friends the Jenny Wrens


Visit our newly opened sea Cadet Area

Woven Cap Tallies

We are now able to supply these MOD standard woven cap tallies with any name or unit. We can supply in singles, doubles or multiple packs for Associations or Units.

Please email us for prices on large Qty’s                          

Order here>>>

Glass printed Certificates

Yes you read it right, we can now supply Blue Nose, Crossing the line, China Sea, Suez Canal and many more of those certificates we all loved to collect. Printed onto high quality toughened glass these will make a great talking point at any DTS or Call Round


Forever jack has launched a brand new auction house where you can list your military items from all armed forces. LISTING IS FREE UNTIL END OF MARCH

visit the site here or

click here for more details >>>

Home of the world famous


Don't forget to visit the Quartermasters Locker !  click here>>

We have now become a supplier of the famous PUSSERS OWN rum balls made right here in the UK by one of our shipmates.

The Rum Balls come in two tins, each with a generous helping of these very ‘more’ish’ little treats.

Ideal for any dinner party, banyan or DTS and filled with jacks favoured tipple

Order now here>>

Yes they’re at it again, those RN cooks and caterers just don’t know when to quit. This year their re-union aims to be bigger and better than the previous years and yet again we have come up with the appropriate run ashore rig. Don’t be out of the rig of the day

visit their page here>>


Spirit Bottles

Great new addition, these 200ml personalised bottles that can hold your favourite tipple HERE>>

Our cartoonist has been busy over recent weeks and he has put together our very own ships company. Bunts, Cookie, Chippy, Jack, Jenny, RP, Joss, they’re all here in this great collection of new and exciting cartoon characters. Coming soon on our very own greetings cards and printed canvas. NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR MUGS AND TEE SHIRTS


We are thrilled to be able to offer these fantastic and very unique gift box sets with our very own personalised bottles and engraved shot glasses.

Our new sets come in either single bottle presentation pack, or a bottle and 2 engraved shot glass gift set. We even give you an embroidered white ensign and then fill the bottle with Genuine MOD Rum as a gift from us here at forever Jack. How good is that?

Get yours or more information here>>

Uckers Boards - We are pleased to be able to support the maker of this wonderful jack game. Order yours from his website


A page has been made for the alacrity 2015 reunion run ashore rig. Get your kit [here]

A great gift for anyone moving into a new billet, digs or home. these wooden door hangers can have any message printed to them but we have our own selection right here on our site that we know you will get a laugh out of. Surprise your oppo with one of these signs and make their billet unique to them [Order Here]

These kids are tomorrows heroes. if you can spare a pound, sheckle or ickie then please support this campaign to get these kids experiences and training that will see them into adult life and maybe into the navy!